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Exploring Bouncy Castle Sizes:


Let’s embark on an exploration of the diverse range of bouncy castle sizes awaiting you at ChildsPlayHire.com: 

Home Range (7ft x 7ft): Perfect for cozy indoor setups, these compact bouncy castles cater to children aged 4 and under, providing a delightful bouncing experience for one child at a time. 

Small (8ft x 10ft up to 10ft x 12ft): Designed for indoor setups and intimate gatherings, these bouncy castles accommodate between 1-4 kids at a time, ensuring endless fun for the little ones. 

London Standard/Medium Size (12ft x 12ft to 12ft x 15ft): An ideal choice for narrow gardens or indoor setups alongside soft play areas, these castles are a popular option for average-sized gardens. Suitable for kids under 10-12 years old, they accommodate up to 6 children at a time and come equipped with shower covers for added convenience. 

Large to XL Castles (15ft x 15ft to 20ft x 20ft): Perfect for medium to large parties, these spacious castles cater to larger gatherings, offering ample room for 7 to 15+ children or even adults to bounce and revel in the excitement. With elevated side walls and shower covers, safety and fun are guaranteed. 

Event Size Castles (25ft x 25ft and over): For grand occasions and mega events, our event-size castles are the epitome of excitement and entertainment. With expansive dimensions exceeding 25ft x 25ft, these castles provide an exhilarating bouncing experience for everyone involved.

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