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Planning The Ultimate Bouncy Castle Party

Planning The Ultimate Bouncy Castle Party

Planning The Ultimate Bouncy Castle Party


Are you Aiming to hire a bouncy castle in London to throw the perfect party?

Unsure of where to start?

Here are some party ideas and tips on how to decorate around the bounce house to help you plan the perfect party:

1. Themed Party: A themed party is a great way to incorporate a bouncy castle hire London and other fun activities. Set up game booths and offer prizes for winners, set up a candy floss machine hire or a popcorn machine hire, and DIY or hire a face painter. Decorate the area with bright colours and balloons or if you have the budget hire a balloon decoration from Childsplayhire, you could also get a photo booth hire with themed props.


Planning The Ultimate Bouncy Castle Party

Some popular themes include:

Back Garden BBQ:

A garden BBQ is a great opportunity to set up picnic tables for guests to enjoy their food, and have a bouncy castle hire near me for kids to play on. Decorate the area with tablecloths and hanging string lights to create a festive atmosphere.

Princess or Superhero Party:

A princess or superhero party is a popular theme for children’s parties. Provide dress-up costumes for kids to wear, a photo booth hire with props to capture the fun.


Sports Party:

A sports-themed party is perfect for kids who love to play sports. Set up a mini soccer or basketball game. Decorate the area with sports-themed decorations such as posters, banners, and pennants. You can also provide sports-themed party favours for guests to take home, such as mini basketballs or soccer balls.

1. How to Decorate Around the Bouncy Castle hire: When it comes to decorating around the bounce house hire, less is more. Keep the decorations simple and avoid placing anything too close to the bouncy castle that may cause injury. You can add some colourful balloons and streamers to the area or use themed decorations that fit with the party theme.

2. Plan the Perfect Bouncy Castle Party: start by determining the location, date, and time. Choose a theme that fits with the party and send out invitations to your guests. Make sure to book the bouncy castle rental in advance at www.childsplayhire.com and confirm the delivery date and time. Plan for other activities, games, and refreshments that will keep guests entertained throughout the party.

a bouncy castle hire is a fun and entertaining addition to any party or event. By following these party ideas and tips you can plan the perfect bounce house party that your guests will love. Remember to prioritise safety, and always supervise children using the bouncy castle to ensure a fun and safe party for everyone.

You can also consider hiring a professional party planner to help you plan and organise the perfect bouncy castle hire for your event. A party planner can assist you in choosing the right theme, decorations, and activities to keep guests entertained throughout the party. Visit www.childsplayhire.com for any additional information.





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