Pac-Man Arcade Machine


We got an arcade machine just for kids!

The Pac-Man arcade machines are perfect for pac-man fans and gaming experts! This arcade1Up’s Jr range is designed to give all kids at your even the experience they deserve.


Suitable For

Ideal for children under 10.

Three Pac-Man Games Included

With three classic arcade games included such as:

  • Pac-Man.
  • Dig Dug.
  • Galaga.

Designed for youngsters, with fun, positive gameplay, vibrant colours and sounds, and lots of challenges. The games offer a mixture of playing styles, all based on classic games.


How to Use

Switch on the machine to enter the menu. Then choose the game, load it up and you’re playing! All the controls and buttons are oversized to help with small hands, and the 8-inch LCD screen reproduces each game with absolute clarity and lots of colour.


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