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Cute 1st Birthday Decorations for a Girl

1st birthdays are as special as can be and we know first hand how parents make it a priority to make sure the entertainment and decorations is perfect for this special day. 

Your baby has been on earth for 365 days, learning and exploring new things, so of course you want to make this day a day to remember. Pictures will definitely bring back some lovely memories of this beautiful occasikn and the stories that will go with it will make it such a special day.

We thought we would give you a hand and pick some of the best 1st birthday decorations for little girls.These picks come from being at bookings and working together with balloon decorators making sure our party equipment such as ball pit balls, soft play, and bouncy castles match the beautiful decoration display.


Check out some of the popular picks below:

Balloon Boxes for 1st Birthdays

Balloon boxes are perfect for 1st birthday set ups. They bring elegance and sophistication to party decorations. From transparent boxes, gold trimmed boxes, pink trimmed boxes and wooden boxes we’ve picked out the best 1st birthday boxes for your little ones event.

Check them out below with the option of fast track delivery via prime.

Balloon decorations

Of course you got to have some balloon decorations whether it be a balloon garlands, balloon arch’s or a number one balloon filled with helium. These balloon decorations your about to see will go perfect with the balloon boxes above.

Check them out below:

1st Birthday Banners

Banners compliment birthday decorations and give the event a personalised feel. Check out the various banners below that can be placed on walls, doors, ceilings and more.

1st Birthday Cake Toppers

Want to spruce up your 1 year olds cake?

Well we got some super cute cake toppers below that will look amazing on your 1 year olds cake. From Amazon picks and 4 star + reviews. These cake toppers will blow you away.


.Check them out below:

Cute 1st Birthday Outfits

We know that clothing isn’t technically decoration, however, when you see these cute 1 year personalised outfits your sweet little 1 year old could be wearing on their birthday she’ll definitely look like she is part of the decoration with all her cuteness.

With that said we couldn’t help but pick the most adorable outfits for your little ones first birthday.


Check them out below

From balloon boxes, 1st birthday banners, balloons and 1 year birthday outfits, we showed you our favourite picks that are 4 stars and more or Amazons picks. Hope you enjoy!

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