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London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 1

London’s Bouncing Season 1 Episode 1



Weekdays Preparations: Embarking on a day dedicated to delivering jumping castle hire and soft play hire to the heart of London’s diverse boroughs is an exhilarating journey. Filled with laughter, excitement, and the joy of crafting lasting memories, this adventure is orchestrated by the team at Childsplayhire.com. Join us as we pull back the curtain, providing you with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the enchanting world of bringing inflatable wonders to doorsteps across the city’s vibrant boroughs. Get ready to bounce through London, one delivery at a time! Our week kicks off with meticulous preparations at the headquarters of Childsplayhire.com. Immaculate cleaning and thorough inspections ensure our jumping castles meet the highest standards.


London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 1

Shades of pink bouncy castle


On the memorable date of Saturday, March 2, 2024, our journey commenced from our strategic location in Greenwich SE10. As the clock struck 9pm, our professional driver took to the vibrant streets of London. We navigated through the bustling locales of Bermondsey, past the lively scenes of Peckham and Camberwell, until we reached our first destination – the quaint and charming neighbourhood of Dulwich.

Here, we were greeted by the joyous occasion of a birthday celebration. Our task? To set up the visually appealing, shades of pink bounce house hire. This small-sized jumping castle is an ideal choice for small family celebrations due to its compact size that fits seamlessly into most small gardens. The convenient size and striking appearance of our bounce house add a touch of fun and elegance to any event, making it a popular choice among our offerings.


London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 1

Multiplay jungle bouncy castle with hoppers


Embarking on our second bouncy castle delivery of the day, we left the charming neighbourhoods of Dulwich and set our course for the vibrant borough of Lambeth, specifically Brixton SW9. Here, we had the pleasure of setting up our highly sought-after and expansive Jungle Multiplay & Slide inflatable bounce house. 


London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 1Paw patrol soft play with the luxury step and slide


But the fun didn’t stop there. Alongside this fan-favourite jumping castle, we also brought the immersive world of our Paw Patrol soft play hire to life, complete with a captivating ball pit and soft play puzzle piece slides. These engaging elements offer an ideal playground for our little non-walkers to crawl around safely. 

Adding to the excitement, we also provided our popular bouncing animal hoppers and fun-filled wiggle cars. One of the highlights of our delivery was the highly-requested roller coaster toy, a hit among our young clients.


London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 1

Number 3 LED light


Celebrating the birthday girl turning three, we provided a light-up number hire that added a beautiful glow to the festivities. As a final touch, we delivered a professional speaker and bubble machine, both of which contributed to a joyous atmosphere that was thoroughly enjoyed by the kids.


The combination of our bouncy castles, soft play sets, and bubble machine created a magical world of fun, which was a hit among the kids and boosted the festive spirit of the day. Our comprehensive range of party equipment hire services not only caters to diverse needs but also amplifies the joy and excitement of every occasion we are part of.

Making our way to our next delivery, we journeyed to the culturally rich borough of Southwark, specifically to the charming riverside district of Rotherhithe SE16. Here, we had the exciting task of setting up our Pastel Lilac Adult Bouncy House, a standout among our diverse range of offerings.


London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 1

Lilac bouncy castle


This unique jumping castle, with its soothing pastel hue and adult-friendly size, is an ideal choice for events of all kinds. It effortlessly adds a playful and whimsical touch to any gathering, transforming it into an event to remember. Our adult bouncy castle hire service is a testament to our belief that fun knows no age limit, making us a preferred choice for party equipment hire in London.


After successfully delivering all the bouncy houses, we decided it was time to replenish our energy. Our chosen spot for today’s feast was Enish, located on the bustling Walworth Road SE17, where we treated ourselves to a hearty meal.



London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 1

West African restaurant Enish Walworth Road South London


As the day progressed, our work was not yet done. All the party equipment and bouncing houses out on hire were due for collection, marking the next phase of our day. Tasked with this responsibility, we journeyed to pick up the equipment, ensuring everything was accounted for and intact.

Our final destination for the day was our depot in Greenwich SE10. Here, we returned all collected items, bringing an end to a fulfilling and productive day. The sight of the neatly arranged bouncy houses and party equipment, ready for the next day’s hire, was a satisfying conclusion to our day’s work.

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