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9 Benefits of Bouncing on Bouncy Castles




benefits of bouncy castles



If you’re planning a birthday party for the kids, yourself or just celebrating an occasion, your more than likely considering entertainment for guests. Hiring bouncy castles is a sure crowd pleaser and one that your guest will love. At Childsplay Hire we offer a variety of different inflatables and games available to rent.

If you’re wondering what the advantages and benefits are of hiring bouncy castles, we’re here to give you that information, so with no further ado let’s delve in.


Fun and Wellbeing

Of course bouncy castles are great fun!

Hiring a bouncy castle is one that the whole family will love!

Jumping, crawling rolling, or anything to do with play on an inflatable castle is tremendously satisfying, especially when coupled with your friends.

As the old saying goes, an energetic child can be none stop “bouncing of the walls” which on a bouncy castle they literally can!

Parents can take a break and sit back and relax, but play is very important for adults and kids alike. Not only is it pleasurable, it adds joy to our lives. It also helps to alleviate stress, by releasing endorphins in our bodies that promotes wellbeing that is known to elevate pain. This is why we also hire adult bouncy castles also.


Great for Social Interaction

Fun by yourself is always great, but with others its magical!

Interactions with friends, old or new, is that much better whilst bouncing on bouncy castles. Jumping around with others, literally has the

shyness bounced right out of children and even adults. Making it ten times easier for making new friends, or building confidence in a safe environment.

Great for Physical Health

Amongst the many benefits of bouncy castles, this is one of the greats. It’s by far one of the best ways to encourage regular exercise which helps with weight loss through hours of entertainment for both children and adults.

Along with being a secret weapon in the fight against childhood obesity, it aids children to staying fit and healthy. Research shows that jumping for ten minutes non-stop can equate to thirty minutes of running. jumping is an all-rounded exercise and similar to swimming, which involves using all the major muscles making it an effective exercise


Improves Blood Circulation

When bouncing, your lungs kick into action which helps maintain a good breathing flow. Your blood also rises and circulates to most parts of your body, aiding to better circulation.


Improves the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system plays a major role in assisting our immune systems and performing crucial task by disposing the bad toxins that are unwanted in our bodies. It accomplishes this through gravity and our bodies movements. The more movement the body makes, the more effective the lymphatic systems helps to rid you of the bad bacteria and waste from cells. This effectively cleanses your body. This makes jumping around on a bouncy castle the perfect exercise. Examples of good exercises, geared to the improvement of the lymphatic system are:


Breathing squats

Deep Inhaling as you raise and exhaling when squatting down

Calf raises

Feet firmly on floor and rise to toes

stomach breathing

rest legs on a wall for 2mins while taking deep long inhales and exhales.

Rebounding exercise

Jump around on bouncy castles or trampoline

Benefits of the rebounding exercise was discovered by NASA in there applied physiology study, and according to the report rebounding exercises are 68% more efficient than jogging.


Enhanced balance

Bouncing on a castle can contribute to improving our balance and coordination abilities. No matter what sports you’re into whether basketball, football or boxing, stability exercises are highly recommended and important, as it improves your speed and fluidity for more enhanced results. It’s never too early to start, and children as young as 2 years old can gain the most benefits in stability.


Different Design to Match any Occasion

The beauty of bouncy castle is that, no matter what type of gathering you’re having, you can always find one to match your theme or colour scheme. The most common party themes include:


Occasion types

Popular themes

  • Birthday party
  • Celebrations & Reunions
  • Halloween & Mardi gras
  • Christmas & New year’s
  • Eid, Hanukkah & St Patricks day
  • May day & Guy Fawkes night
  • Exercise classes
  • Festival & Street parties
  • charity event
  • school fetes & Sporting events
  • corporate events & shows
  • Spa parties

Bouncy castles come in all shapes and sizes, and you can be sure there’s a castle to match all the above themes. If you need a custom castle with your company logo or your own personalised image, we can accommodate you in bringing your ideas to fruition. Check it out HERE.


They’re Safe

When all safety measures are followed, bouncy houses are literally as safe as houses, you won’t have to worry about toddlers taking a fall and hurting themselves, being surrounded by air and inflated walls and floors, you’re covered for the common scrapes and bruises. For that extra safety and peace of mind, you can hire a supervisor to keep kids supervised, so adults can focus on other requirements. For more info check it out our terms and conditions.


They’re Inexpensive

Hiring a bouncy castle supplies fun for everyone in comparison to what you would spend in taking a group of children or adults to a restaurant that can be very expensive. However, hiring a bouncy castle can be very cost effective, costing a fraction of that price. Another good thing is that it is not necessary to hire entertainers as a bouncy castle is enough entertainment.


Cardiovascular health

Your Pulse rate boosts up when bouncing which strengthens the muscle groups vital for a healthy cardiovascular system, it also improves the health of your heart and lungs which aids in distributing more blood to your muscles.

Jumping on a castle also improves your metabolism, bone density, strengthens muscle tones, and promotes good sleep. Jumping is a fantastic exercise that needs no equipment, and doing jumping exercises on a bouncy castle, adds to a world of fun! No equipment jumping exercises include: jumping jacks, rope-jumping, skipping, star, box squat & lung jumps just to name a few.


Low Impact

Low impact exercise is a great way to improving your health without damaging your joints. Although bouncing is an impact sport, the period of acceleration and deceleration is much longer than with activities such as jogging where the surface is hard. Other well-known low impact exercises include walking and swimming.


Great Team Building Exercise

Laughter is the best medicine; it makes you feel good and leaves you in a healthy positive state. When teams whether families or co-workers play and enjoy together, it’s great for creativity, innovation, and perseverance. Team exercises are good for encouraging teamwork and colleague relationships, resulting in better job performance. It creates a positive optimistic mindset and dispels any tension or former feuds. Its also perfect for personal development and social skills. Overall, it results in higher productivity, great workplace satisfaction, increases morals and reduces staff turnover.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get your family and work colleagues jumping, and enjoying fun exercises on our bouncy castles right away Childsplay Hire.

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