Balloon Decoration

Organising a birthday and other event can’t be a stressful and daunting experience. You may want to out source some of the tasks like balloon decoration to a professional, relieving yourself of some of the stress.


Balloon decorations and table decorations can be a great addition to any event, that will bring the wow factor to your party.


An experienced balloon and table decorator will save you time and put your mind at ease by having your theme come alive. Whatever the style you need, the balloon decorator will be able to create a magical environment at your event.


Whats more, whatever theme you have in mind, not only will the balloon and table decoration match your vision, but our bouncy castles can too. From bespoke bouncy castles to small, medium or large bouncy castles, you can have everything covered right here!


How do I book?

All bookings must be placed online via the
book now button. We cannot take bookings
over the phone. You’ll then receive a an
email stating we have received your
booking. Once your booking is noted in our
calendar you’ll then receive a confirmation
email alongside our bank details for the
payment of the damage deposit which will
secure the booking. Once the damage
deposit is paid your booking wil be

Please note the email confirmation may be
sent within 48hours after you have received
your booking received email.

All deposits must be paid within 12 hours
after you have received the confirmation
email. If the damage deposit isn’t made

during that time your booking will be
automatically cancelled.



Please note all phone calls, messages sent
via email, text or WhatsApp are only for
enquiries and do not confirm bookings.
Booking online and makiny payment of the
damage deposit secures your bookings.


Can I check for item availability?

Yes by going to the book now button it will
take you to the booking form where you can
see if the item you want is available


Can I check if I’ll be charged for delivery?

Yes by going to the book now button it’ll
take you to the booking form where you can
enter your full postcode in which will
generate a delivery fee if your outside our 5
Mile radius.


What time are your phone lines open?

Our phone lines are open between 10am
and 5pm on Monday to Friday only. Please note our WhatsApp,
emails and text message is 24/7, however
we may take 48 hours for a response

Please check your emails for invoices and
confirmation emails.



PLEASE NOTE: Prices are not fixed and will differ as the balloon and table decorations are personalised to your needs.


Contact Us

For all enquiries regarding balloon and table decorations, contact us via WhatsApp message on 07395 346 380 where we will provide you all the information you need.







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