Shades of Pink Soft Play Package


Need a ball pit, soft play and toys?


We got you covered adults! Little ones will adore this soft play package as they jump, slide, ride, hop and put together puzzle pieces!

This soft play package is stimulating, pink and of course fun!


Whatever the occasion little ones are sure to relish the Shades of pink packages. Perfect for children from the age of 8months and up!


Check out the packages below


Ball pit ONLY


Price: £50

  • Ball pit
  • balls


Shades of Pink Ball Pit Package:


Price: £80


  • 3 Animal hoppers
  • Shades of pink 5x5ft ball pond for extra fun!
  • Slide
  • 3 wiggle cars


All ball pit balls must be placed back into the ball bag upon the drivers arrival. (bags will be supplied by the driver)


Shades of Pink  Soft Play Package:


Price: £120


  • 11 piece Shades of pink soft play puzzles
  • 5x5ft shades of pink ball pit
  • Slide
  • Seesaw
  • Didi cars x3
  • Animal hoppers x3 for some bouncing fun
  • Foam mats


All ball pit balls must be placed back into the bag upon the drivers arrival. (bags will be supplied by the driver)


Adult supervision is required for both packages.


Would you like the shades of pink bouncy castle and soft play package or bouncy castle on its own?


Payment Options

All bookings must be secured by the customer paying a refundable holding deposit of £30. This deposit will be returned to your account via bank transfer after the booking. The holding deposit is held in case of losses, damage, dirt (of equipment) and balls not being put back into the ball pit. The holding deposit can be done via debit / credit card or bank transfer.


The outstanding balance (if customer paid deposit and not full payment) must be paid before we arrive at the booking.


This can be done via bank transfer, or cash. You will be sent the payment details before we arrive.


  • Shades of pink ball pit package £80 (excluding holding deposit)


  • Shades of pink soft play package  £110 (excluding holding deposit)


Holding refundable deposit is £30 making total amount appear for:


  • Shades of pink ball pit package  £110


  • Shades of pink soft play package  £140


Please note: The holding refundable deposit will be returned to you, if there are no damages or excessive dirt on the soft play packages.



Please be aware that if your postcode is outside our 12-mile delivery radius or the postcode is in the congestion zone, you may occur additional charges.


How big is the Shades of pink soft play package?
  • 10x8ft
How many children can play on this package at a time?
  • 10



Please note the images on this page does not represent all the products in this package. 


Winter Month Hires

All gardens whether communal, home or venue bookings will be collected at 4pm during the winter months due to reduced lighting outside. Please inform us if the garden you’re hiring or home garden has sufficient lighting (proof will need to be supplied via email. Proof being pictures).

For hire indoors during the winter months whether home, venue, communal space; Can be collected up to 7pm free of charge or after at additional charges by the hour.




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Ball pit package, Soft play package


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