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Are Bouncy Castles Affordable?


Toddler bouncy castle hire

Toddler Bouncy Castle with Inflatable Ball Pit


Bouncing into Budget-Friendly Fun

Planning an event filled with laughter and excitement? Wondering, ‘How much does it cost to run a bouncy castle for the day?’ Look no further!

Childsplayhire is your go-to for affordable bouncy castle rentals in London and the Southeast. Let’s explore the details, making your event not only exciting but also easy on the wallet.

Curious about the electricity cost associated with running a bouncy castle? Childsplayhire values transparency, providing you with a clear breakdown:


Electricity Cost Estimate:

So, how much does it cost in electricity to run a bouncy castle for the day? The estimated electricity cost to run a bouncy castle for the day is typically between 20p to 40p per hour, depending on your energy provider. Running it for a standard 8 hours would be approximately £1.60 to £3.50. This ensures that the joy of our premium bouncy castles is not just thrilling but also an energy-efficient, cost-effective choice for your event.


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