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Bounce with Confidence

Bounce with Confidence

White 12x12ft bouncy castle with young girl playing


Planning an event filled with laughter and excitement often involves considerations beyond just choosing the perfect bouncy castle.


One common question that arises is, “Do you need insurance to hire a bouncy castle?”

At Childsplayhire, all our inflatables are covered with a 5 million public liability insurance for peace of mind.


While it’s not a legal requirement, we believe it’s a must. insurance can offer an additional layer of protection and peace of mind, Accidents are rare, but having insurance in place can provide coverage in the unlikely event of injuries or damages during the use of the inflatable.


Childsplayhire’s Commitment to Safety:

Our bouncy castles are designed and insurances with safety as the top priority.

Regular maintenance, thorough cleaning, and adherence to safety standards are integral to our services. our commitment to providing a secure and enjoyable experience is unwavering.


Have more questions about insurance or any other aspect of bouncy castle rentals? Our customer service team is ready to assist you. Contact us directly through our website, social media channels, WhatsApp, or give us a call at (+44) 07395 346380.

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