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London’s Bouncing Season 1 Episode 2

Weekdays Preparations:
Embarking on a day dedicated to delivering bouncy castles and soft play to the heart of London’s diverse boroughs is an exhilarating journey. Filled with laughter, excitement, and the joy of crafting lasting memories, this adventure is orchestrated by the team at Childsplayhire.com. Join us as we pull back the curtain, providing you with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the enchanting world of bringing inflatable wonders to doorsteps across the city’s vibrant boroughs. Get ready to bounce through London, one delivery at a time!
Our week kicks off with meticulous preparations at the headquarters of Childsplayhire.com. Immaculate cleaning and thorough inspections ensure our bouncy castles meet the highest standards. The delivery schedule undergoes careful scrutiny, guaranteeing a seamless weekend filled with spreading joy across London’s diverse boroughs

 Navigating London

On Saturday, February 24, 2024, our journey begins from Deptford SE8. As the sun rises, our dedicated delivery team hits the road, navigating the bustling streets of London’s varied boroughs. From the iconic landmarks of Westminster to the charming neighbourhoods of Bromley, our first stop takes us to Greenwich SE10 for a birthday celebration. Setting up a beautiful pastel pink bouncy castle, complete with a roofed cover and standing at 12ft by 12ft, this medium-sized jumping castle proves perfect for small gatherings and delightful back garden birthday celebrations. Happy birthday to the celebrant, who thoroughly enjoyed the bouncing festivities.

London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 2

12ft x 12ft pastel pink bouncy castle

Next on our route is Waltham Forest E4. Ensuring that no celebration is left without a touch of bouncing fun, we set up everyone’s favourite front slide combo. The kids watched from the window and Prepared for an exciting adventure with C.P.H ‘s 3D Dinosaur Front Slide Combo! This thrilling inflatable immerses you in the prehistoric world, ensuring boundless enjoyment for kids of every age.


London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 2

12ft x15ft front slide dinosaur bouncy castle on natural grass


On to the Next

For our third and final drop, we venture to Essex RM2 to deliver the Fortnite side slide bouncy castle combo for the 5-year-old birthday boy! He revealed in the exhilarating experience of bouncing and playing on the Fortnite-inspired bouncy castle. As him and siblings enter the vibrant world of bounce, their faces light up with joy and excitement.

London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 2

Blue side slide fortnite bouncy castle 17x15ft


Refueling time

A well-deserved lunch break at Burger King on Bugsby Way, Greenwich SE10, reenergises our team for the remainder of the day.

With lunch behind us, we press on to the less glamorous but necessary task of collections. This part may not be our favourite, but the surprises our birthday gifts we bring always make it worthwhile.


London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 2

Burger King Greenwich SE10

Days Ends

Bouncing through London’s diverse boroughs with Childsplayhire.com transcends the ordinary; it’s a mission to spread happiness and create enduring moments. Whether it’s a birthday celebration in Bexley, a community fair in Wandsworth, or a corporate event in the City of London, our bouncy castles are catalysts for pure, unbridled joy. Book your bouncy adventure today and let Childsplayhire bring the bounce to your doorstep!

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