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London’s Bouncing Season 1 Episode 3

Weekdays Preparations:

Childsplayhire.com is committed to providing top-notch entertainment services in London. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional experiences to families across the city’s vibrant boroughs. Our goal is to bring the wonders of Bouncy Castle, Soft Play, and Event Hire right to your doorstep, creating unforgettable memories that will have everyone bouncing with joy. To ensure the highest standards of safety and quality, we prioritise preparation at our Warehouse in Greenwich SE10. Our bounce houses and jumping castles undergo thorough inspections and cleaning, guaranteeing a truly enjoyable experience for our valued customers.

Our journey begins on a sunny Saturday morning, March 9, 2024. At 9 am, our skilled in-house driver embarks on an exciting route through the bustling streets of London. Navigating through vibrant locales such as Barking and Dagenham, Waltham Forest, and Hackney, we bring our entertainment offerings to various destinations.

In Newham, we are greeted by a joyful birthday celebration. Our mission is to set up our visually stunning 7ft by 7ft white pastel Bouncy Castle. This compact-sized jumping castle seamlessly fits into most households, making it a perfect choice for family celebrations. It adds a touch of fun and elegance to any event, making it one of our most popular offerings


London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 3

7x7ft white bouncy castle

Continuing our journey, we arrive in the vibrant borough of Islington, specifically Angel N1. Here, we have the pleasure of setting up our highly sought-after Pink Celebration Soft Play package. Soft play is a perfect playground for non-walkers and toddlers, providing a safe and engaging environment for them to explore and have fun. Alongside our soft play, a talented balloon artist was in the process of creating a stunning arch of balloons, adding an extra element of excitement to the celebration.

London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 3

Pink celebration package

Next, we venture to Tower Hamlets, specifically Bromley by Bow E3. Here, we set up our Side Slide Superhero Jumping Castle complete with our vibrant Colour Burst Ball Pit package and the show stopping Multicoloured Rollercoaster. This unique combination of attractions adds a playful touch to any gathering, ensuring that it becomes an unforgettable event.


London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 3

Superhero bouncy castle with toys

Childsplayhire.com offers a wide range of services to cater to various events and occasions. Our offerings include:

1. Bouncy Castle Hire: We provide a wide range of bouncy castles for hire, offering hours of fun and excitement for children of all ages. Our bouncy castles come in various sizes, themes, and designs to suit different party themes and preferences.

2. Soft Play Hire: We provide soft play equipment for hire, creating a safe and engaging play space for infants and toddlers. Our soft play packages include colourful play mats, soft blocks, tunnels, and other interactive elements, stimulating children’s imagination and motor skills.

3. Event Equipment Hire: We offer a range of party equipment for hire, including ball pits, inflatable slides, roller coasters, and other interactive attractions. These additions can enhance the overall experience of children’s parties and events, creating a memorable and fun-filled atmosphere.

4. Balloon Artists: Alongside our equipment hire services, we can also provide talented balloon artists who can create stunning balloon arches, sculptures, and decorations. These balloon artists add an extra element of excitement and visual appeal to any celebration.

5. Party Supplies and Decorations: We can provide party supplies and decorations to complement the chosen theme of the party. This may include tableware, banners, balloons, party favours, and other decorative items that add a festive touch to the venue.

6. Party Photography and Videography: We offer professional photography and videography services to capture the special moments of the party. This allows parents and event organisers to relive the memories and share them with family and friends.

7. Party Games and Activities: We provide a range of party games and activities to keep the children engaged and entertained throughout the event. This may include organised games, treasure hunts, arts and crafts stations, and interactive activities tailored to the age group of the children.


Our services cater to a wide range of events, including children’s birthday parties, school events and fundraisers, community festivals and fairs, family gatherings and reunions, corporate family days, holiday parties and celebrations, weddings with children’s entertainment, daycare and preschool events, church events and youth programs, sports events and tournaments, summer camps and recreation programs, charity and nonprofit events, theme park and resort events, retail store promotions and openings, grand openings and launch parties, carnivals and fun fairs, trade shows and expos with children’s areas, graduation parties and celebrations, after-school programs and events, and children’s hospitals and healthcare facilities.

As the day progressed, our work was not yet done. All the party equipment and bouncing houses out on hire were due for collection, marking the next phase of our day. Tasked with this responsibility, we journeyed to pick up the equipment, ensuring everything was accounted for and intact.

After a day filled with excitement, we head to Myra Grill, located on the bustling Bow Road E3 to refuel and after a lovely wrap that went down  a treat.

London's Bouncing Season 1 Episode 3

Myra Grill in E3


Now all the party equipment, soft play, and bouncing houses out on hire are due for collection. With utmost care and responsibility, we ensure that everything is accounted for and in perfect condition.


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